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COVID-19 Update (8-19-21)

After months of decline, North Carolina is experiencing a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations among those who are unvaccinated. The Delta variant, which is now the predominant strain of the COVID-19 virus in North Carolina, is significantly more contagious than the original virus. While the original virus spread from one person to an average of two or three people, the Delta variant is spreading from one person to an average of six people. Therefore, unvaccinated people are at greater risk of catching and spreading COVID-19, and they pose a risk to children under 12 who cannot be vaccinated and those who are immunocompromised. Getting vaccinated is the most effective way to prevent serious illness, hospitalizations and death, and slow community spread.

Following the July 27, 2021 guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), all unvaccinated individuals should wear a face covering in all indoor public settings. Fully vaccinated individuals should wear a face covering in all indoor public spaces if you live in a county of high or substantial levels of transmission as defined by the CDC, until more people are vaccinated and viral transmission decreases. COVID-19 cases continue to rise for Nash, Edgecombe and surrounding counties.

Therefore, to protect our customers and staff, Anew Weight Loss Center will implement a mask mandate for all customers. For our customers: We will require facial coverings or facial masks for your in-office appointment. While in the waiting room or visiting with the provider, it will be required that you wear your facial mask. We ask that you please bring your own facial mask. However, if you do not have a mask you may purchase a mask from Anew Weight Loss Center for your visit. The cost of a mask will range from $2 or $10.

For our customers with exceptions: Anew Weight Loss Center understands that some customers may have exceptions which will exclude them from wearing a face mask. If you are not able to wear a facial covering, please consider booking a telemedicine visit. If you have a medical or behavioral condition in which you are not able to wear a mask please alert our staff prior to your appointment. Anew Weight Loss Center will try to accomodate anyone with exceptions without jeopardizing the health our staff and customers.

Children and guests: Our waiting room is small and only able to socially distance a few customers at a time. Therefore, we ask you do not bring children (ages 17 and younger) and guests into the office during your appointment. Please have your guests wait in the car or outdoors.

At Anew Weight Loss Center our customers' and employee's health are our top priority. Althought COVID-19 continues to transponse itself to prevail its existence. We know our customers are overcomers and will become more resilient, healthier, and empowered when this phase ends.

May God keep you in good health,

Dr. Keenya Staten

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