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Ditch the Diet!

This is the 5th episode about Jay & Keenya's Weight Loss Journey: Real Life, beginning in January 2021. In this video we reflect on our struggles and achievements throughout the week. We dicuss the importance of "ditching the diet" and focus on making long-term lifestyle changes. Why not enjoy your foods as they help you lose weight. Small changes can lead to great weight loss results and a healthier lifestyle. Find out who wins this weeks "Couple's Challenge". I also show you how I make my cabbage lasagna. Yummy!

Jay's start weight (1/9/21): 317.0 lbs, ht: 69 in

Jay's weight (1/16/21): 313.2 lbs

Jay's weight (1/23/21): 310.6 lbs

Jay's weight (1/30/21): 310.4 lbs

Keenya's start weight (1/9/2021): 173.0 lbs, ht: 66 in

Keenya's weight (1/16/2021): 172.4 lbs

Keenya's weight (1/23/21): 173.6 lbs

Keenya's weight (1/30/21): 170.8 lbs

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