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Comprehensive Nutritional Program

All Initial Comprehensive Nutritional Program visits require a non-refundable $50.00 deposit to secure your appointment. This $50 is applied to the total cost for your service on the day of your appointment. 

Poor nutritional habits are known to be a key contributing factor to weight gain, while a nutrient-balanced diet is a vital biological process necessary to achieve and maintain healthy body weight. Good dietary behaviors can improve many chronic health disorders including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, fatty liver, and more. Additionally, proper nutrition can improve your overall well-being. 


At Anew Weight Loss Center we recognize the daily struggles people encounter with their dietary choices. That is why we have incorporated, the Comprehensive Nutritional Program to focus on your nutritional, physical, and behavioral needs. Your provider will perform an evaluation and develop a plan tailored especially for you. 

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Initial Comprehensive Nutritional Visit

30 min, $100

Your first visit will consist of a detailed history, body fat analysis, body measurements, and vital signs. You and the provider will discuss supplement options, dietary changes, exercise regimens, and behavioral modifications that may work well for your lifestyle.  You will receive an individualized plan of care that is tailored specifically for you to achieve successful weight loss.​


No prescription medications are prescribed in this program. This program is ideal for individuals seeking to lose weight naturally, but may need accountability, counseling, coaching, supplements, and a comprehensive health plan. 


Please bring a copy of your most recent lab results (CBC, CMP, TSH, Lipid panel, HbA1c). Lab results are good for 12 months. Lab requests may be obtained or a lab order may be given on your visit. 

Your visit will include a FREE B-12 injection. 

Supplement cost varies.

Diet Banana

Follow-Up Comprehensive Nutritional Visit

20 min, $60

Follow-up visits are typically scheduled every 4 weeks. You and the provider will discuss the effectiveness of your supplements, dietary behaviors, physical activity routines, and behavior modifications. Body fat analysis, body measurements, vital signs, and focused exam will be obtained.

Your visit includes a FREE B-12 injection. 

Supplement cost varies. This program does not include prescription medications. 

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