Prescription Weight Loss Program

Our popular prescription weight loss program has combined the latest in evidence-based research, for our clients, to achieve successful weight loss and maintenance results. This program is ideal for individuals who:

  1. Struggle with losing weight from diet and exercise alone.

  2. Have not tried FDA-approved weight loss medications.

  3. Have tried FDA-approved weight loss medications, but have been unsuccessful.

  4. Desire a more individualized weight loss plan.

Our nurse practitioner specializes in bariatics (the study, treatment, and prevention of obesity), and she will develop a plan tailored to meet your unique needs. 


The best journey in life is the journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Research shows, successful weight loss is achieved through healthy eating, physical activity, behavior modifications, and prescription weight loss medications. This four-step approach has allowed our clients to reach their weight loss goals and maintain them. Ditch the diet and begin to embrace Anew way of living! Your weight loss plan is individualized to meet your unique lifestyle. We offer a full-range of prescription treatments based on your health history. 

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