Telemedicine Visit

What is a Telemedicine visit?

Telemedicine visits provides greater access to meet your healthcare needs, reduces travel costs, and enhances the patient-provider experience. 

Telemedicine visits are the use of live two-way video and audio electronic communication that allows services to be provided between the healthcare provider and patient in two different locations. Your medical information (oral, written, or visual) will be shared with the healthcare provider through distance location and that information may be used to diagnosis, treat, and provide education to you regarding your weight loss or weight management plan. 

The healthcare provider will conduct an online physical exam using photos, two-way audio & video consultation, my completed health questionnaire, past medical records, or otherwise, an appropriate prior in-office



Our telemedicine software incorporates network and software security protocols to protect the confidentiality of our client's identification and data. Additionally, we include measures to safeguard this data and ensure its integrity against intentional or unintentional corruption. 

How to start my Telemedicine visit?

We want to ensure the quality of each patient-provider encounter. Therefore, we ask that you have the necessary equipment, paperwork, consent forms, payments, and connectivity 24-48 hours prior to your appointment. 

You will need the following for your telemedicine visit:

  • Digital blood pressure cuff with heart rate

  • Digital weight scale

  • Complete the health assessment form for new client

  • Complete the follow-up visit paper work for returning clients

  • Signed consent for telemedicine visit.

  • A strong internet connection

  • Good lighting for visual examination

  • Good audio for communication

  • Minimal to no interruptions

Additional requirements for NEW clients or Returning clients last seen over 12 months or more:


Failure in completion of these items will cause delay or rescheduling of your visit.

Once you have completed all of the above items you may now log into the telemedicince waiting room ( and wait for the healthcare provider to join your scheduled visit.

Telemedicine Guidelines

Who Can Schedule a Telemedicine Visit?

  • New and returning clients

What Will I Need?


  • Digital weight scale: The healthcare provider will capture a photo of your weight while you are standing on the scale. If you will be using a computer, please make sure your video camera is adjustable and will allow you to focus on your scale, while you stand on it.

  • Digital blood pressure cuff with heart rate reading: The healthcare provider will have you take your blood pressure and heart rate during your visit as you use your digital blood pressure cuff with heart rate.

  • Driver’s license and prescription insurance card (new clients): You will be asked to take a photo copy of your non-expired state-issued driver’s license and prescription insurance card, and upload it into your patient portal ( You must first be given permission by our company to access your patient portal. 

Body weight measurements are required on every visit for all clients. Blood pressure and heart rate measurements are required for new clients who opt for the initial prescription program visit and every 6 month's follow-up prescription visit. 


These items are mandatory for a telemedicine visit. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A TELEMEDICINE VISIT UNTIL YOU HAVE ACQUIRED THE NECESSARY ITEMS. utilizes Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox web browsers. Make sure your computer, cell phone, or tablet, has the appropriate browser prior to your appointment.


Please note: It is best to use a computer with a stable internet connection.


Be sure your camera is adjustable so your weight can be measured while on video with the healthcare provider. Please make sure you are able to log into the telemedicine waiting room prior to your appointment.


Delays or Connection Issues 


  • You may be asked to reschedule your appointment if you are not in the telemedicine waiting room 10 minutes past your scheduled appointment time.  

  • If there are significant internet disruption, poor audio or video quality, impaired visualization, or severe distractions during your visit, you may be asked to reschedule your visit.

Your on your way to Anew start!

Remember, "You can do this". When it seems tough, when you want to give up, or when you want to go back. Nothing in life is worth having, unless you put forth some effort and some "sweat equity", You will have times during your weight loss journey when you make a decision to eat something "wrong", but that's okay, just get back on track, learn your triggers, avoid them the next time, and keep moving forward. At Anew Weight Loss Center we focus on lifestyle changes, behavioral modifications, dietary habits, and physical activity. We utilize prescription weight loss medications to help assist you during your transformation. We encourage our clients to not use medications as a "crutch", but only as an adjunct to positively aid them with reduction of their appetite or carbohydrate cravings. 

If you are ready, we are willing. Give us a call today and get ready to start Anew way of living!

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