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Dr. Keenya Staten, DNP, FNP-C


Hello, my name is Keenya Staten, founder of Anew Weight Loss Center. I have been a nurse since 2004. I completed my Master's of Science in Nursing from Duke in 2013 as a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner. In February 2020, I completed my Doctor of Nursing Practice from Grand Canyon University. Having diverse background in mental health, family practice and obesity medicine I have been managing clients with their weight and helping improve their overall health. I am a member of the Obesity Medicine Association and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.    ​

Anew means to do in a different way; to start afresh; or in a new form. At Anew Weight Loss Center, we teach you a new way of thinking, a new way of eating, and a new way of acting. 


​Anew encompasses my patients, passion, profession, and personal journey. I would love to assist you in achieving your new transformation today. 


May God bless you and keep you in good health.


The "A" Team

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