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Rapid Prescription Refill Follow-up Visit  = $70


What is a Rapid Prescription Refill visit?

  • A quick in-office visit, 15 minutes or less

  • No counseling session

  • Blood pressure, heart rate, waist circumference, weight, and body fat will be measured

  • Medications refilled by the provider


Who can schedule a Rapid Prescription Refill visit?

  • Clients seen in the office for their initial prescription program visit and one prescription program follow-up visit.

  • Seen in the office within the past 3 months.  

Rapid Prescription Refill visits are for clients who require: 

  • No medication changes.

  • Have no medical concerns.

  • Medication refills only.

No more than 3 consecutive Rapid Prescription Refill visits ​allowed.

90-Day Prescription Program Follow-up Visit  = $255

What is a 90-Day Prescription Program Follow-up Visit?

  • 3 prepaid prescription program follow-up visits

  • Nutritional and physical activity counseling, behavioral modifications counseling

  • One 90-day prescription


Who can schedule a 90-Day Prescription Follow-up Visit?​

  • Must have been seen for an initial prescription program visit

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